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Dec 4, 2013 11:30am PST
a city in the way home i group chairman terry cloth and said he was especially impressed by hokies technological applications related to carbon nanotubes. tara called the ten detainees priceline paste as a gift ever to send it as pushes for a peaceful cross strait relationship art and also present is and the tree of good and secretary want to bleach and prosperity in electronic business there. but the recliner and any that aren't too close a collaboration with crippling have one entire night. if you care. carrick was said that he had to cut the crust retreat cooperation but held that this transformation and a structural transformation of economy of both sides straits exchange foundation cam and ingles said. o so we stayed at his hands at taiwan and china which together to establish international standards in france the tenth inning diluted eight day visit to taiwan and that taiwan can repair it. this was his first visit to taiwan the association of the nation i was really scared him and said he hoped to get the time i get near future. former premier yossi claim emerged as the victi
Dec 5, 2013 10:00am PST
and services exports a dangerously high level of toxic dust from china and blankets the capital city some of that fills the issue of mind this morning for the first time ever the stores and more next on prime time. to put any assets thursday to suffer fest here in korea lot from seoul. i need to pay them come and thank you so much for joining us. we begin with some welcome news for the nation into on the korean tradition of making and sharing and she paid unesco's intangible cultural heritage of humanity list on this thursday korea time for more details on how the decision came about and what this means for the country. we connect live on the phone to professor pat sent me from azerbaijan she's a member of the world heritage section of the cultural heritage committee and she took part at the eighth annual unesco world heritage conference thank you very much for joining us and congress to link fence. you couldn't be well first off tell us what the atmosphere there was like at the moment the decision was made and what does it mean to be on this unesco blacks. i'm going. yes that is why. in
Dec 2, 2013 10:00am PST
in cardiff city's three nil loss while keith o'neill played the full ninety minutes in sunderland's nil nil time now finishing off with korean ladies called operates time on the brake to the top where owners at the cape lpg award ceremony the twenty one year old was given the tour's player of the year award along with the ones with the top money and points finish. so hats off to her for a great performance all season long. now that does for me here the sportscenter this has been speeding tech tech tech at midnight for the latest in the world of sports. cr. i did. a cheesy you see eye to eye. a day shea. last week it felt as if winter was right around the corner but today felt like fall weather. we then for an outlook of the weather forecast for december let's go over try to put down at the left of center put down the evening giants he had these days it's difficult to get a grasp of the weather because it changes so frequently. but lest i get that idea on how to stem that is shaping up well in early december went for a catch to get more than an epic showers or snow especially in the southern
Dec 3, 2013 10:00am PST
at japan what a city. we propose that china and japan should enhance communication and dialogue probably solve the issue flight safety in overlapping so we demonstrate our sincerity but when it comes to dialogue. japan has kept its torque loves the spokesman added that more than twenty countries have gone up their defense though. and that china's recent announcement was made to safeguard national sovereignty and ensure their space safety as for by your flight to beijing on wednesday for talks with chinese president seat in pain. before coming to seoul on thursday where he has to sit down with president park and a command and identities in other news trade officials of korea and australia met on tuesday evening to begin working level talks for joining the trans pacific partnership for ppp. the meeting took place the sidelines of the ministerial conference of the world trade organization and bali in sydney that for all twelve nations already committed to the ttp yard gather the korea which late last week expressed an interest in going to be the seasons but also meet with officials from jap
Dec 9, 2013 10:00am PST
field to find common ground. railway officials said. he text me and the city subway lines operating normally on monday morning in morning commuters in this on the core area were not affected by the strike of the operations of regular train services such as this cannot and will not drop to sixty three percent. well that a freight train services dropped to about thirty six percent of normal levels then chinese any company which relies on trains services for its business says it expects a drop in production of at least thirty percent if the strike last for more than a week. is either unwilling to kt tethered to me and it's expected to take a toll on commision unfold naturally area of the transfer your site the souls of the labor union said they will be participating in the strike starting next week. teensy on itn news. to lay low for months now since deadly typhoon heidi and flatten the philippines killing thousands and leaving a trail of utter destruction to lend a helping hand to the relief efforts at sea with korean military and civilian personnel is set to be dispatched later this
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5